The Agility Accelerator enables you to rapidly set-up and deploy an assessment, monitor progress, and obtain results with research-based recommendations immediately upon assessment close. We provide a primer to get you started, and online guides inform every step of the process.

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Sample Results

Full Group Network

New York & London Networks

Network diagrams allow you to visualize how a group collaborates across any combination of attributes. Each node represents a person and the lines represent relationships between people. In the example to the left, we see that Marketing and Sales operate in a silo from Research and Product Development. The rift becomes more obvious when looking at NY and London–the two locations with the most members.

Influencer Analysis

Analyzing multiple networks together can inform important decisions such as staffing and where people need to be better engaged. Gary (in the upper right) was the leading candidate for taking over leadership of this group; but this analysis showed that he would not be successful without first offloading responsibilities and restructuring his work.

Silo Locator

At a glance, the heat map identifies silos as well as where collaboration is strong. Each group has strong internal collaboration (green cells along the diagonal), but quantifying the (lack of) connections to Marketing & Sales highlights the extent of the issue.

One of Six Archetypes Representing Group Collaboration

The Archetype provides a view of how people believe the group collaborates, and provides the ability to drill down into the Issue, Drivers and Solutions. In this case, the archetype was “Misaligned”, indicating that sub-groups formed factions or silos that undermine effectiveness and efficiency. Potential solutions are identified for this particular network pattern (with additional detail beneath each one).

Collaborative Practices Representing High-performing Teams

Collaborative practices target the strengths and opportunities for the group as a whole, or for a sub-group via filter selections. 89% of people agreed that this group does a good job at engaging remote & virtual workers , but only 36% felt that it managed collaborative overload well.

Collaborative Practices: Greatest Opportunity

Research-based recommendations, including specific practices and strategies for each strength and opportunity, are customized based on group results. Our recommendations are based on one-on-one interviews with hundreds of leaders across a range of organizations. A quick review quickly reveals the ones that really matter.

Individual Reports

Individual reports are a valuable give-back to assessment participants. The reports include an introduction to the ideas and explain how to apply the personalized results. For confidentiality, the report removes all names other than that of the individual receiving the report. Each person can see a profile of connections in their own network by the attributes identified. They can also see their scores compared to that of the entire group.