Our goal is to enable you with the tools and expertise to lead in a hyper-connected world.

Projects Are Customized to Your Needs

We have experience and just need the tools!

You run the project yourself, from A-Z, with a license to the platform. You have ONA (or extensive survey) experience and are comfortable designing and administering surveys, as well as interpreting results to create briefings and action plans.

We have some experience, but could use some help!

You run the project with advisory services provided along the way. By partnering with us through the process, your capability is strengthened for future projects.

Please help! We’d like you to run this for us!

You have no bandwidth or ONA expertise, and would like us to run the full project for you. This includes preparing customized briefings and leading facilitated sessions to move from insights to actions.

Three Primary Phases

Customize & Launch Survey

  • Identify clear objectives
  • Develop comms strategy and engage stakeholders
  • Design survey focused on objectives
  • Run test to pilot group
  • Launch survey & send reminders from platform

Visualize & Analyze Results

  • Review executive summary and detailed results in platform
  • Compare results with benchmarks from 20+ years of ONAs
  • Extract key insights
  • Dive deeper as needed
  • Explore embedded recommendations

Move from Insights to Actions

  • Process insights with business context
  • Identify most impactful evidence-based actions
  • Craft key messages with analytical underpinnings
  • Share briefings with leadership, and as appropriate, with larger group
  • Share individual network reports for personal and professional growth
Note: The first phase begins once the IT & privacy reviews have been completed. With our strong commitment to security, we’ve always passed these reviews without issue. Your privacy guidelines shape the questions we ask and how the results are shared.

Insights & Outcomes

What business imperatives can we solve for you?

Transformation & Innovation

  • Turbocharge efforts through key influencers
  • Bridge silos where important to innovation and best practices
  • Reduce excessive reliance on leadership

Agility & Productivity

  • Measure health against critical collaborative practices
  • Ensure expertise is known and available
  • On-board new hires to accelerate contribution, engagement, and reduce attrition

Well-being & Performance

  • Reduce collaborative overload, particularly on connectors
  • Assimilate isolated employees/groups
  • Assess inclusivity across various attributes