Now, more than ever, healthy connectivity should be front and center in an organization’s strategy. Why? Because it fuels innovation, increases retention, and engages and optimizes talent to create a thriving culture. As the workplace becomes more distributed and decentralized, proactively ensuring and enabling positive and productive connections becomes a critical success factor for managing talent.

About the Agility Accelerator

The Agility Accelerator is a powerful platform that provides the means for managing this invisible resource: collaboration. Created in partnership with corporate leaders, who are members of the Connected Commons, the Agility Accelerator enables a rapid organizational network analysis (ONA) that provides group collaboration analytics at unprecedented speed. The entire process, from start to finish is self-managed through a simple, intuitive interface, in three easy steps:

1. Customize the built-in survey.

2. Deploy assessment to target group.

3. Visualize and analyze your results immediately upon closing assessment – along with research-based recommendations for actionable improvements.

What’s Different About This Approach?


Dramatically reduces what is typically a multi-month process into as little as a week


Much more cost-effective than a “traditional” ONA

Actionable results with recommendations:

Customized practices & solutions


Clients have full access to their results and can do further analysis as desired

Individual Reports:

Personal network reports are available to participants

Rapidly Obtain Deep Results To...


Enable leaders to analyze their team’s collaborative strengths and gaps.


Evaluate group collaboration across virtual teams.


Identify silos, collaborative hubs, key influencers, brokers, and at-risk players.


Identify critical connectors ahead of organizational redesign or restructuring.

About the Connected Commons

The Agility Accelerator is one of several solutions from the Connected Commons, which is co-managed by i4cp. The Commons is a consortium of leading organizations guided by social network pioneer Rob Cross, to apply social science research to benefit organizational performance and individual well-being. Working with more than 300 organizations over almost 20 years, we have identified specific ways to cultivate vibrant, effective networks at all levels of an organization and any career stage.

A Glimpse Into Our Research...

“The Agility Accelerator was critical in uncovering key connection points and areas where we need to strengthen our collaboration across functions, a dispersed geography, and at an individual level. The tool was intuitive and the analytics dashboards helped us mobilize stakeholders."

~Kara Burke, VP, Innovation & Growth, Rich Products

Tap the Power of Social Networks to Fuel Performance and a Thriving Culture