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A fundamental shift is transforming the business world: a move from hierarchical management to agile networks. It may sound simple but implementation proves incredibly complex. One way to speed this transition is to ensure the right collaborative practices are in place and that group dynamics enable success.

The Agility Accelerator is an interactive platform that does just this. With the ability to visualize and analyze collaboration, it provides insights about how work flows within your team, group or department. Recommendations are embedded at key points to explain “why this matters” and “what the group can do about it.”

This simple and innovative tool transforms a traditionally long and cumbersome multi-month organizational network analysis into a fraction of the time–as little as a week–with deep and immediate results. The Accelerator provides valuable insights for any group, team or function. The Accelerator provides valuable insights for any group, team or function whose goals depend upon effective collaboration: where collaboration is strong, where there is a need for better integration, where there is high potential for collaborative overload, and where engagement is strong.

The target uses include:

  • Evidence-based results for managing high-performing teams and groups.
  • Group dynamics and collaborative behaviors for leaders stepping into a new role.
  • Pinpointing integration effectiveness following an acquisition or restructuring.

This tool was created by the Connected Commons team (www.connectedcommons.com) based on over 20 years of research with over 300 organizations.

Interested in getting started?

The use of this assessment can be managed entirely by a Client Administrator at your organization in three simple steps:

  1. Customize the built-in survey
  2. Deploy survey to the participants you've identified
  3. See results immediately upon closing assessment

To learn more, please contact the Connected Commons at info@network-toolkit.com.